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Municipal Law/Government Relations

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Municipal Law/Government Relations Attorneys In Louisiana

If your business is being held under scrutiny by the government, you’re going to need an experienced Louisiana municipal law/government relations attorney in your corner. At Standard Law, we know how to fight for our client’s best interests and have extensive experience representing them through administrative, regulatory, and governmental proceedings.

We want the best for our clients and will do what it takes to protect them — even if that means being their voice. With years of experience, we know how legal policies can help or hinder a business. You can be confident knowing that we always have your company’s best interests at heart. Our firm stays on top of any changing laws or potential legislation that may benefit or negatively impact our clients and their businesses. Contact Standard Law today for a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you and your business.

Understanding Municipal Law

Municipal law encompasses everything from zoning and annexation to education and law enforcement. The methodologies of how municipalities govern their domain differ based on location because it is the job of local city or town governments to generate and pass down municipal laws for those they are representing.

“Local governments face multiple challenges as policies, procedures and statutes under municipal law become more and more complex.”

All local governments, regardless of location, share the commonality of facing various difficulties as policies and statutes grow more intricate under municipal law. Thus, to ensure that all components of their local government are operating within the law, municipalities will retain the services of an attorney who understand current municipal law in their region and can provide sound legal counsel if necessary.

Municipal Law/Government Relations Attorneys In Lafayette & New Iberia

Leveraging Our Insight To Assist You With Municipal Issues

Few law firms in Louisiana can match our team’s depth and range of experience in municipal law. Standard Law has successfully represented countless municipal law/government relations issues for clients in Louisiana. Because we have established our reputation as professional advisors, we are regularly retained to advise and represent on a broad spectrum of matters that include:

  • Drafting and amending ordinances and resolutions
  • Drafting and reviewing public contracts
  • Review and advise on election law matters
  • Reviewing and approving land use and zoning requests
  • Advising cities on employment law matters

How Our Municipal Law/Government Relations Attorneys In Louisiana Can Help

At Standard Law, we have been providing municipal law services for government entities across Louisiana for years. Our municipal law/government relations lawyers in Louisiana have assisted numerous city and county governments as well as governmental departments overseeing business management, city contracts, and more. At Standard Law, we not only provide comprehensive services and innovative solutions for municipal law problems but also frequently give advice and legal representation to government organizations that have issues with real estate, employment matters, subdivision regulations, property valuation, and energy exploration. Additionally, we have particular expertise in the following areas:

Local Government Law

It is crucial for local government officials to have a comprehensive understanding of local government law so that they can carry out their duties in accordance with state laws and policies. The municipal law attorneys at Standard Law play an important role in helping them do this.

Government Contract Law

If you are a government organization in need of legal assistance to procure acquisitions or navigate the contracting process, look no further than Standard Law. Our Louisiana municipal law/government relations attorneys will ensure all duties are carried out legally and efficiently so that your municipality can avoid any stressful surprises.

Contact Our Municipal Law/Government Relations Attorneys Today

A company’s or organization’s well-being can be directly affected by governmental activity, so it’s crucial to have a good relationship with key decision-makers and to cultivate support from legislative and regulatory bodies. At Standard Law, we have the know-how and resources to help clients with specific problems in many industries, including healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, and land use. Our municipal law/government relations attorneys in Louisiana routinely represent clients at administrative agencies and legislative hearings for matters involving rulemaking proceedings or compliance disputes. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can assist you.